Our services

Only by understanding each of our services as a complement to the other we were able to win the trust of our customers.


Evendor can help in the analysis and improvement of business processes related to media. Our experience of over ten years in various projects facing major sector clients has enabled us to acquire knowledge and a general view of how to improve business processes, based on the implementation of different tools.

In our consulting projects we support our customers, we provide our experiences tailored to their peculiarities and we set targets to meet perfectly measurable and achievable.


We have professionals who have led major development projects in different clients. Uniting our business knowledge with our technological capabilities we are guaranteed to the challenges our clients may have.

When a client entrusts Evendor a development project, we aim to meet expectations and deadlines raised without forgetting important factors such as change management, involvement of the user areas, the quality and maintainability of the software developed, etc..

Therefore, we consider the perfect partner to ensure the ultimate success while minimizing the risks that any development entails.


The result of the collaboration we have had with our customers, Evendor has chosen to create their own solutions that give coverage to managing the media. Our solutions put technology at the service of business and emphasize usability and integration into the map of generic systems.

We believe the market offering solutions that meet the demands of different departments involved and have the overview necessary to analyze their impact and integration.

Our solutions allow you to place the emphasis on business and have professionals accompany you on your progress.


Both in the implementation of our solutions and in the development of custom solutions we have qualified technicians who can give the necessary support, either integrating ourselves into your teams specific needs or attending to the daily demands.

We believe that the incorporation of our professionals to internal work teams increases productivity thereof. We like to feel part of our customers sharing their challenges and helping them grow.